Spray Polyurethane Foam

High Performance Spray Foam Insulation in Charlotte, NC

Spray foam is an outstanding insulation system that shows great potential thanks to its versatility and excellent performance. It has proven to be a superior solution by reducing energy consumption, providing exceptional thermal performance, and improving the air quality inside buildings. Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is created through an exothermic chemical reaction between a polyol resin and a reactant that results in rapid expansion to fill any substrate. This makes it ideal to achieve an airtight seal that eliminates air penetration and moisture infiltration. The formulation of spray foam is customizable, and it comes in various densities, yields, and water-resistant properties to suit the specific needs of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


New Construction Residential

Spray foam insulation is a highly recommended insulation technique for residents of Raleigh, NC, especially during new builds. This option allows contractors to easily identify and insulate gaps and penetrations that may not be readily available in retrofits. Although Open Cell foam is more affordable, Closed Cell foam is the best option when high-performance insulation is sought. Closed Cell foam alongside an HVAC fresh air intake guarantees to result in reduced utility usage, evenly distributed internal temperatures, and maximized usable conditioned attic space. Despite being slightly costlier compared to traditional insulation, the benefits of a full foam encapsulation usually offset the cost within six years. Moreover, this approach provides an excellent return on investment in the long run.


Commercial Exterior Insulation

Our company offers medium-density exterior-applied closed cell foams that provide exceptional thermal performance and weather-proofing for wall assemblies made of CMU, standard 8″ block, cast-in-place concrete, or bituminous block. Our product is specifically designed to augment the strength of mineral-based wall systems, and is an excellent solution for damp-proofing and basement insulation. Our foam’s water and thermal resistance, as well as its ability to serve as an auxiliary weather-proof barrier, make it an excellent choice for enhancing the longevity and durability of your building’s walls against different harsh environmental conditions. We are confident that our product will meet your specific needs and requirements.


Underslab Spray Foam

Spray-applied high-density closed cell foam offers a range of benefits over standard foam-board underslab insulation. It delivers exceptional R-value per inch, making it ideal for radiant floor heating, while also providing a tensile structural value to the slab. By bonding together the layer of gravel and sediment under the concrete, the SPF exhibits excellent mitigation against settling and prevents any hairline fractures from occurring on the slab. The monolithic application of the SPF further eliminates the need for additional vapor barriers. Overall, the use of high-density closed cell foam delivers superior results in terms of thermal insulation, structural reinforcement, and long-lasting reliability.


Add Strength & Cooling to your Building

lightweight insulation that holds it all together

When utilizing our standard closed cell application on wood or sheet metal framing, the impressive adhesive strength introduced to the wall and roof assembly is measured at 2.0lb per square inch. While we refrain from making claims on its ability to withstand tornados, our application surpasses alternative methods.

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